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Apple Has Launched iOS 6.1.3 Beta2 for The Develop

This time’s upgrade has only solved one programm bug. This bug would realize the possibility of the attacker use the user’s mobile phone bypass the locked screen. As long as the attacker taking some step of action, including to dial the emergency telephone, thus the password would be bypassed and he can dial the user’s telephone, listen his voice mail and view the conatct photoes.
Apple has confired the existence of the bug, and said that the bug will be solved in the future iOS version. Apple said that iOS 6.1.3 would solve this bug. The new beta version has improved the Japanese Apple’s map application.
Recently, Apple is engaged in the improvement of the latest iOS version, in order to solve problems in many aspects. Apple has launched iOS 6.1.1. in the early last week. This upgrade version is only adapt to use in the iPhone 4S, to solve the network problem of iPhone 4S. On Tuesday, Apple has released iOS6.1.2 to all the iOS devices to solve one bug of Exchange Schedule, which may lead to the increasing power consumption of iOS 6.1.
At present, the iOS version 6.1.3 beta2 has only be available for the registered developer to supoort iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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