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Is it possible to recover files after installing windows ? If it is, which software would be the best ?

2013-03-03 22:37:48

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  • it is impossible to recover files of C partition but those deleted files of partititon D can be recovered, for they are not overwritten; you can use diskgenius to do the file recovery; diskgenius has a free version and a pro verison, you can try the free one first then you'll konw thether your files can be recovered. you can follow operation steps that can be found easily on the Internet to recover data plus i wanna know that your computer just has two partitions----system partition C and partition D for storing data; i think you can split D into two partitions so that it is easier to manage data. anyway i'm kind of OCD, sorry, i've types too much words here. so good luck buddy
    2013-03-03 23:39:29

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